MDC Newsletter 12/2018: Heart, Brain and Christmas

Grün leuchtende Actinfasern in einer Herzmuskel-Zellkultur

Dear reader,

Do you agree that gingerbread, goose leg, and potato salad are all part of a proper (German) holiday feast? Then you’ll probably agree that none of these are particularly healthy. You might want to compensate with a bit of oatmeal in the morning. Its dietary fiber makes your gut bacteria happy and your heart beat in joy: The microbes in your gut produce the fatty acid propionate – a substance that protects the heart and blood vessels from damage caused by hypertension. How this works is explained in a study published by an ECRC research team in the journal “Circulation.” 

The blood-pumping muscle is also at the heart of our festive science picture. Daniela Panáková’s research group gave the actin filaments of a heart’s cell culture a fluorescent “fir green” shine. Glittering through the green are tree ornaments comprised of blue cell nuclei, while red calcium channels make the heart beat in festive anticipation. 

In case you are still not in a proper holiday mood, we recommend our Advent Calendar with 24 doors into the MDC. Find it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the #MDCmas hashtag.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, relaxed holidays, and all the best for 2019! 

Your Insights Team