Google Maps for tissues: multiscale imaging of biological systems and disease


  • T. Niendorf
  • L. Frydman
  • M. Neeman
  • E. Seeliger


  • Acta Physiologica


  • Acta Physiol (Oxf)


  • One of the most exciting areas of innovation in biomedical research concerns the visualization on multiple scales in space and time: imaging biological objects in size ranging from Ångströms and nanometers to the scale of whole body imaging, and from picoseconds to decades in large population imaging studies. In the Century of Biology, enabled by the tools of information technology and artificial intelligence, one can imagine a concept like 'Google Maps' for each fundamental biological research question, in which views at the macroscopic, mesoscopic, microscopic and the nanoscopic scales are stitched together for seamless zooming, depending on the needs and interests of the scientists and users, the research fields and the patients.