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Lowenstein, E.D. and Ruffault, P-L. and Misios, A. and Osman, K.L. and Li, H. and Greenberg, R.S. and Thompson, R. and Song, K. and Dietrich, S. and Li, X. and Vladimirov, N. and Woehler, A. and Brunet, J-F. and Zampieri, N. and Kühn, R. and Liberles, S. D. and Jia, S. Lewin, G.R. and Rajewsky, N. and Lever, T.E. and Birchmeier, C.
Prox2 and Runx3 vagal sensory neurons regulate esophageal motility
Neuron (2023-05)

Chamorro González, R. and Conrad, T. and Stöber, M.C. and Xu, R. and Giurgiu, M. and Rodriguez-Fos, E. and Kasack, K. and Brückner, L. and van Leen, E. and Helmsauer, K. and Dorado Garcia, H. and Stefanova, M.E. and Hung, K.L. and Bei, Y. and Schmelz, K. and Lodrini, M. and Mundlos, S. and Chang, H.Y. and Deubzer, H.E. and Sauer, S. and Eggert, A. and Schulte, J.H. and Schwarz, R.F. and Haase, K. and Koche, R.P. and Henssen, A.G.
Parallel sequencing of extrachromosomal circular DNAs and transcriptomes in single cancer cells
Nature Genetics (2023-05)



Corradi, L. and Zaupa, M. and Sawamiphak, S. and Filosa, A.
Using pERK immunostaining to quantify neuronal activity induced by stress in zebrafish larvae
STAR Protocols 3 (4): 101731 (2022-12)


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Mutant phosphodiesterase 3A protects from hypertension-induced cardiac damage
Circulation 146 (23): 1758-1778 (2022-12)


Dietrich, S. and Company, C. and Song, K. and Lowenstein, E.D. and Riedel, L. and Birchmeier, C. and Gargiulo, G. and Zampieri, N.
Molecular identity of proprioceptor subtypes innervating different muscle groups in mice
Nature Communications 13 (1): 6867 (2022-11)


Mamo, T. M. and Hammes, A. 
Forebrain development - an intricate balance decides between health and disease
Neuroforum 28 (4): 233-243 (2022-11)


Shih, A.Z.L. and Chen, Y.C. and Speckmann, T. and Søndergaard, E. and Schürmann, A. and Verchere, C.B. and Willnow, T.E. 
SORLA mediates endocytic uptake of proIAPP and protects against islet amyloid deposition
Molecular Metabolism 65: 101585 (2022-11)


Suarez Artiles, L. and Breiderhoff, T. and Girardello, R. and Gonschior, H. and Rodius, S. and Lesur, A. and Reimer, U. and Ramberger, E. and Perez-Hernandez, D. and Müller, D. and Mertins, P. and Dittmar, G. 
Pan-claudin family interactome analysis reveals shared and specific interactions
Cell Reports 41 (6): 111588 (2022-11-08)


Raskó, T. and Pande, A. and Radscheit, K. and Zink, A. and Singh, M. and Sommer, C. and Wachtl, G. and Kolacsek, O. and Inak, G. and Szvetnik, A. and Petrakis, S. and Bunse, M. and Bansal, V. and Selbach, M. and Orbán, T.I. and Prigione, A. and Hurst, L.D. and Izsvák, Z. 
A novel gene controls a new structure: piggyBac transposable element-derived 1, unique to mammals, controls mammal-specific neuronal paraspeckles
Molecular Biology and Evolution 39 (10): msac175 (2022-10)


Hu, B. and Lelek, S. and Spanjaard, B. and El-Sammak, H. and Simões, M.G. and Mintcheva, J. and Aliee, H. and Schäfer, R. and Meyer, A.M. and Theis, F. and Stainier, D. Y. R. and Panáková, D. and Junker, J.P
Origin and function of activated fibroblast states during zebrafish heart regeneration
Nature Genetics 54, 1227–1237 (2022-08)


Gerstmann, K. and Jurcic, N. and Blasco, E. and Kunz, S. and de Almeida Sassi, F. and Wanaverbecq, N. and and Zampieri, N.
The role of intraspinal sensory neurons in the control of quadrupedal locomotion
Current Biology 32 (11): 2442-2453 (2022-06)


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Tongue immune compartment analysis reveals spatial macrophage heterogeneity
eLife 11: 77490 (2022-06)


Pimpinella, S. and Sauve, I. and Dietrich, S. and Zampieri, N.
Rabies anterograde monosynaptic tracing allows identification of postsynaptic circuits receiving distinct somatosensory input
Neuroscience 491: 75-86 (2022-05)


Grinat, J. and Kosel, F. and Goveas, N. and Kranz, A. and Alexopoulou, D. and Rajewsky, K. and Sigal, M. and Stewart, A.F. and Heuberger, J.
Epigenetic modifier balances Mapk and Wnt signalling in differentiation of goblet and Paneth cells
Life Science Alliance 5 (4): e202101187 (2022-04)

Bakina, O. and Kettenmann, H. and Nolte, C.
Microglia form satellites with different neuronal subtypes in the adult murine central nervous system
Journal of Neuroscience Research 100 (4): 1105-1122 (2022-04)


Corradi, L. and Bruzzone, M. and Maschio, M.D. and Sawamiphak, S. and Filosa, A.
Hypothalamic galanin-producing neurons regulate stress in zebrafish through a peptidergic, self-inhibitory loop
Current Biology 32 (7): 1497-15510 (2022-04)


Huang, Y. and Motta, E. and Nanvuma, C. and Kuhrt, L.D. and Yuan, Y. and Xia, P. and Lubas, M. and Zhu, S. and Schnauss, M. and Qazi, N. and Hu, F. and Zhang, H. and Lei, T. and Synowitz, M. and Flüh, C. and Kettenmann, H.
Microglia/ macrophage derived human CCL18 promotes glioma progression via CCR8-ACP5 axis analyzed in humanized slice model
Cell Reports 39 (2): 110670 (2022-04)


Zywitza, V., Rusha, E., Shaposhnikov, D., Ruiz-Orera, J., Telugu, N., Rishko, V., Hayashi, M., Michel, G., Wittler, L., Stejskal, J., Holtze, S., Göritz, F., Hermes, R., Wang, J., Izsvák, Z., Colleoni, S., Lazzari, G., Galli, C., Hildebrandt, T.B., Hayashi, K., Diecke, S., and Drukker, M.
Naïve-like pluripotency to pave the way for saving the northern white rhinoceros from extinction
Scientific Reports 12 (1): 3100 (2022-03)


Maul, A. and Huebner, A.K. and Strenzke, N. and Moser, T. and Rübsamen, R. and Jovanovic, S. and Hübner, C.A.
The Cl--channel TMEM16A is involved in the generation of cochlear Ca2+ waves and promotes the refinement of auditory brainstem networks in mice
eLife 11: e72251 (2022-02)




Menzel, L. and Zschummel, M. and Crowley, T. and Franke, V. and Grau, M. and Ulbricht, C. and Hauser, A. and Siffrin, V. and Bajénoff, M. and Acton, S.E. and Akalin, A. and Lenz, G. and Willimsky, G. and Höpken, U.E. and Rehm, A.
Cell Reports 37 (4): 109878 (2021-10-26)


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Development 148 (19): dev.198374 (2021-10-01)


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Glia 69 (9): 2291-2304 (2021-09)


Alisch M.; Kerkering J.; Crowley T.; Rosiewicz K.; Paul F.; Siffrin V.
Identification of the gliogenic state of human neural stem cells to optimize in vitro astrocyte differentiation
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 361: 109284 (2021-09-01)


Klockmeier K.; Silva Ramos E.; Raskó T.; Martí Pastor A.; Wanker E.E.
Schizophrenia risk candidate protein ZNF804A interacts with STAT2 and influences interferon-mediated gene transcription in mammalian cells
Journal of Molecular Biology 433 (19): 167184 (2021-09-17)

Seidel, F. and Holtgrewe, M. and Al-Wakeel-Marquard, N. and Opgen-Rhein, B. and Dartsch, J. and Herbst, C. and Beule, D. and Pickardt, T. and Klingel, K. and Messroghli, D. and Berger, F. and Schubert, S. and Kühnisch, J. and Klaassen, S.
Circulation Genomic and Precision Medicine 14 (4): e003250 (2021-08-04)


Huang, Y. and Zhang, B. and Haneke, H. and Haage, V. and Lubas, M. and Yuan, Y. and Xia, P. and Motta, E. and Nanvuma, C. and Dzaye, O. and Hu, F. and Kettenmann, H.
Journal of Neuroscience Research 99 (4): 1048-1063 (2021-04)


Quinn, H.M. and Vogel, R. and Popp, O. and Mertins, P. and Lan, L. and Messerschmidt, C. and Landshammer, A. and Lisek, K. and Château-Joubert, S. and Marangoni, E. and Koren, E. and Fuchs, Y. and Birchmeier, W.
Cancer Research 81 (8): 2116-2127 (2021-04)


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Cancer Discovery 11 (3): 754-777 (2021-03)


Lowenstein E.D.; Rusanova A.; Stelzer J.; Hernaiz-Llorens M.; Schroer A.E.; Epifanova E.; Bladt F.; Isik E.G.; Buchert S.; Jia S.; Tarabykin V.; Hernandez-Miranda L.R.
Olig3 regulates early cerebellar development
eLife 10: e64684 (2021-02-16)

Kowalczyk, I. and Lee, C. and Schuster, E. and Hoeren, J. and Trivigno, V. and Riedel, L. and Görne, J. and Wallingford, J.B. and Hammes, A. and Feistel, K.
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Cell Reports 34 (2): 108606 (2021-01-12)



Grinat J.; Heuberger J.; Vidal R.; Goveas N.; Kosel F.; Berenguer-Llergo A.; Kranz A.; Wulf-Goldenberg A.; Behrens D.; Melcher B.; Sauer S.; Vieth M.; Batlle E.; Stewart A.; Birchmeier W.
The epigenetic regulator Mll1 is required for Wnt-driven intestinal tumorigenesis and cancer stemness
Nature Communications 11 (1): 6422 (2020-12-21)

Menzel L.; Höpken U.E.; Rehm A.
Angiogenesis in lymph nodes is a critical regulator of immune response and lymphoma growth
Frontiers in Immunology 11: 591741 (2020-12-03)
Apaydin, D.C. and Jaramillo, P.A.M. and Corradi, L. and Cosco, F. and Rathjen, F.G. and Kammertoens, T. and Filosa, A. and Sawamiphak, S.
Cell Reports 33 (7): 108404 (2020-11-17)


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A specialized niche in the pancreatic microenvironment promotes endocrine differentiation
Developmental Cell 55 (2): 150-162 (2020-10-26)


Delgado-Benito V.; Berruezo-Llacuna M.; Altwasser R.; Winkler W.; Sundaravinayagam D.; Balasubramanian S.; Caganova M.; Graf R.; Rahjouei A.; Henke M.T.; Driesner M.; Keller L.; Prigione A.; Janz M.; Akalin A.; Di Virgilio M.
PDGFA-associated protein 1 protects mature B lymphocytes from stress-induced cell death and promotes antibody gene diversification
Journal of Experimental Medicine 217 (10): e20200137 (2020-10-05)


Christ A.; Marczenke M.; Willnow T.E.
LRP2 controls sonic hedgehog-dependent differentiation of cardiac progenitor cells during outflow tract formation
Human Molecular Genetics 29 (19): 3183-3196 (2020-10-01)


Elmadany N.; Logiacco F.; Buonfiglioli A.; Haage V.; Wright-Jin E.C.; Schattenberg A.; Papawassiliou R.; Kettenmann H.; Semtner M.; Gutmann D.H.
Neurofibromatosis 1 - mutant microglia exhibit sexually-dimorphic cyclic AMP-dependent purinergic defects
Neurobiology of Disease 144: 105030 (2020-10)

Metzler E.; Telugu N.; Diecke S.; Spuler S.; Escobar H.
Generation of three age and gender matched pairs of human induced pluripotent stem cells derived from myoblasts (MDCi011-A, MDCi012-A, MDCi013-A) and from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (MDCi011-B, MDCi012-B, MDCi013-B) from the same donor
Stem Cell Research 48: 101987 (2020-10)

Ifuku M.; Hinkelmann L.; Kuhrt L.D.; Efe I.E.; Kumbol V.; Buonfiglioli A.; Krüger C.; Jordan P.; Fulde M.; Noda M.; Kettenmann H.; Lehnardt S.
Activation of Toll-like receptor 5 in microglia modulates their function and triggers neuronal injury
Acta Neuropathologica Communications 8 (1): 159 (2020-09-10)
Huang Y.; Zhang Q.; Lubas M.; Yuan Y.; Yalcin F.; Efe I.E.; Xia P.; Motta E.; Buonfiglioli A.; Lehnardt S.; Dzaye O.; Flueh C.; Synowitz M.; Hu F.; Kettenmann H.
Journal of Neuroscience (2020-07-06)


Rudolph F.; Fink C.; Hüttemeister J.; Kirchner M.; Radke M.H.; Lopez Carballo J.; Wagner E.; Kohl T.; Lehnart S.E.; Mertins P.; Gotthardt M.
Deconstructing sarcomeric structure-function relations in titin-BioID knock-in mice
Nature Communications 11 (1): 3133 (2020-06-19)

Skarlatou S.; Hérent C.; Toscano E.; Mendes C.S.; Bouvier J.; Zampieri N.
Cell Reports 31 (10): 107741 (2020-06-09)


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Nature Cell Biology (2020-03-23)


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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2020-03-13)


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Cancer Research 80 (6): 1316-1329 (2020-03-01)


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Journal of Neuroscience (2020-02-14)

Faustino Martins J.M.; Fischer C.; Urzi A.; Vidal R.; Kunz S.; Ruffault P.L.; Kabuss L.; Hube I.; Gazzerro E.; Birchmeier C.; Spuler S.; Sauer S.; Gouti M.
Self-organizing 3D human trunk neuromuscular organoids
Cell Stem Cell 26 (2): 172-186 (2020-02-06)



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