stem cell

Haas Lab

Systems Hematology, Stem Cells & Precision Medicine


Cancer frequently originates from healthy stem and precursor cells that are responsible for the continuous regeneration of tissues and organs. A stepwise acquisition of genetic and molecular abnormalities transforms healthy stem and precursor cells into potentially malignant cancer cells. While this process occurs frequently, a complex interplay between the immune system, cancer cells, and factors from the microenvironment determine whether the newly emerging cancer cells are rapidly cleared or manage to establish a fully malignant cancer.

The Haas group develops and applies novel multimodal single-cell and spatially-resolved technologies to study the complex etiology of hematological cancers and their interaction with the immune system. Another key objective of the research group is the development of next-generation precision diagnostic and prognostic technologies, based on high-content single-cell multi-omics technologies.

These newly developed technologies aim at enabling early disease detection, highly precise, personalized treatment decisions and, ultimately, therapeutic intervention before disease onset.