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The HIDA Trainee Network is back for a second time in 2021. The exchange program promotes interdisciplinary networking between young scientists at Helmholtz and helps them learn from one another

How do other scientists do what they do? As every researcher knows, looking at the bigger picture beyond one’s own discipline can be very rewarding and beneficial for your work. The HIDA Trainee Network, an exchange program organized by the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA), wants to encourage these perspectives among inquisitive and talented young scientists who work with methods from the applied data and information sciences. These individuals will receive financial support for a research stay of one to three months at one of the other Helmholtz Centers across Germany, of which there are 18 in total. The application period for an exchange in 2021 starts on January 15.

The HIDA trainee network is primarily geared toward doctoral candidates and postdocs at Helmholtz whose research is closely linked to information and data science. But those who don’t work directly in the data sciences are also encouraged to consider applying, because the HIDA Trainee Network offers benefits for doctoral candidates and postdocs who are interested in learning about data science methods in their projects as well.

The goal is to not only give the researchers the opportunity to apply their own knowledge at other Centers but also to learn from the methods and approaches used by colleagues in other disciplines. In the process, the young scientists expand their research portfolio, form new networks, and boost their ability to conduct research in interdisciplinary settings—a key skill that is especially in demand in the context of information and data science.

Moreover, the HIDA Trainee Network promotes exchange and networking between the scientists at the different Helmholtz Centers and in the respective research fields. This helps the Centers boost their profile within the Helmholtz Association—while enjoying the added benefit of getting to know the most talented researchers in the data sciences at Helmholtz and getting inspiration for their own research fields.

Sound interesting? For information on the application process for future trainees and the Helmholtz Centers that are to act as hosts or post trainees at other Centers, please see: HIDA Trainee Network – Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy ( or contact Dr. Claudia Reschke directly. The application period for the HIDA Trainee Network ends on March 15, 2021 and, following the subsequent selection process, exchanges will start in summer 2021 at the earliest.
Text: Xenia von Polier


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