Newsletter 10/2016: Klaus Rajewsky, research, people

Klaus Rajewsky in the lab

Dear reader,

November kicks off with a symposium in honor of Klaus Rajewsky’s 80th birthday. For a taste of what’s to come, this issue presents an extensive interview with Klaus about his time in Cologne and the US, and how it was to be part of Molecular Genetics’ birth.

Apparently October was the month of protein biology, which is the subject of three papers by MDC researchers that we’re featuring as highlights. Gary Lewin’s work on the unusual insensitivity to pain of naked mole rats was widely covered by many national and international media. Thomas Blankenstein’s group reports good news about their efforts to develop cancer therapies based on T-cell receptors. And have we mentioned Klaus Rajewsky? His lab has developed a new tool to make CRISPR/Cas9-experiments more efficient.

Happy reading!

Your MDC Insights Team