Preis der Deutschen Hochdruckliga für Ralf Dechend und Dominik Müller

Berlin hypertension researchers receive prize by German Society for Hypertension

Professor Ralf Dechend and Professor Dominik N. Müller were awarded the Franz Gross Science Prize of the Deutsche Hochdruckliga. The German Society for Hypertension and Prevention presented its most prestigious award at its annual congress on 23 November 2018.

“As a professional society, it has always been important to us to promote and advance hypertension research with scientific prizes,” explains Professor Bernhard Krämer, Chairman of the Board of the Deutsche Hochdruckliga.

This year, Ralf Dechend and Dominik N. Müller were awarded the Franz Gross Science Prize, the highest prize of the German Hypertension Society. They are both leaders of the group "Hypertension-mediated Endorgan Damage" at the Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC), a joint institution of the Max Delbrück Center and Charité. The prize is endowed with 5,000 euros and is awarded in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of high-pressure research.

Franz Gross awardees Dominik N. Müller (left) and Ralf Dechend (right), presented by Friedrich C. Luft (middle) at the 42nd congress of Deutsche Hochdruckliga

The main focus of the Dechend and Müller research group is on the renin-angiotensin system, the immune system and how the two systems influence blood pressure-related organ damage. The society describes the group's new findings as "groundbreaking" and cites pregnancy-related hypertension and pre-eclampsia as examples, as well as the connection between intestinal flora, salt consumption and high blood pressure.

At its 42nd Scientific Congress in Berlin, the Deutsche Hochdruckliga honoured other physicians and young researchers whose work has made an important contribution to the understanding of hypertension-related secondary diseases.

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