Berlin Science Week at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

📺 A festival for curious people

What does the delphinium flower have to do with proteins and corona? Why is diversity good for research? And, what are Berlin-based scientists doing to reduce animal testing? In 2021, Berlin Science Week once again offered plenty of food for thought and hands-on experiments.

There’s nothing unusual about celebrating a child's birthday in a museum. About marveling at the museum with your guests.  But what about actually winning the Laboratory Olympics yourself? That probably only happens to really lucky kids. However, that is precisely what happened at the MDC stand in the Berlin Museum of Natural History. And it was above all the younger guests at the Berlin Science Week who most enjoyed activities like pipetting and playing guessing games. But the MDC program also offered plenty of stimulation for interested adults.

For those who could not be there, here some impressions:

BR50 Panel Discussion: Diversity Instead of Uniformity 

BLUMEN! – Die Wissenschaftsshow  

 Deep Dive – Being a Postdoc at the MDC Berlin

Cardiovascular Health in the Time of COVID19 

Einblicke in das neue Einstein-Zentrum 3R 

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