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Grants and Awards for MDC researchers

Congratulations to Michela Di Virgilio, Baris Tursun, and Jane Holland, all of whom have just won prestigious grants or prizes.
Michela Di Virgilio. Photo: D. Ausserhofer/MDC

Michela, who joined the MDC just three months ago, won an ERC Starting Grant worth 1.9 million Euros and one half of the „Female Independency Award“ from the Berlin School of Integrative Oncology (BSIO). The BSIO award carries a prize of 25,000 Euros, which Michaela will use to set up a short lecture series featuring highly renowned speakers from her field. Her research focuses on the repair mechanisms by which cells respond to DNA damage. This is an important theme in cancer research and will be supported by funds from the ERC Grant.


Baris Tursun. Photo: D. Ausserhofer/MDC

Baris Tursun also won an ERC Starting Grant endowed with 1.5 million Euros. He joined the MDC in February 2012 and works in the field of systems biology within the MDC’s Berlin Institute of Medical Systems Biology. You can read more on the two winners and their work in the MDC’s press release.


Jane Holland. Photo: U. Eising/MDC

Jane Holland received the Curt Meyer Memorial Prize for her study on basal breast cancer (published in the journal Cell Reports). You can read more about the award, which is endowed with 10,000 Euros, here. Jane, who comes from Australia, joined Walter Birchmeier’s research group at the MDC in 2007.