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On the open letter of Russian scientists

In view of the war against Ukraine, Russian scientists have written an open letter. Professor Jutta Allmendinger, Professor Michael Hintermüller, Professor Ulrich Panne and Professor Thomas Sommer, the four founding coordinators of Berlin Research 50 (BR50), declare:

“Our solidarity is particularly with those who are working for free science and cultural exchange in Ukraine and also in Russia. As Russian colleagues have expressed in a courageous open letter, this war is not only unfair, senseless and very threatening to the international order, it is also damaging to science: Research today is no longer imaginable without extensive international cooperation.

Due to Russia's self-inflicted isolation and the suffering that the Russian invasion is causing to the Ukrainian society, many researchers and especially young scientists are prevented from developing their potential. These talents are not only lost for the development of Ukraine and also Russia; they can no longer work for the creation of knowledge and scientific and technological progress as a whole. They are missing. To overcome challenges that should concern all of us together as humanity.

We therefore take our hats off to the impressive appeal of Russian scientists and science journalists who, even in this time of need and despite looming dangers for them personally, are committed to open scientific exchange across borders. We share with them and the Ukrainian colleagues a deep desire for open, democratic and peaceful societies united in the spirit of friendship and cooperation.”


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