MDC Newsletter 11/2018: Chess, Molecular Art, and a Microcosm in your Guts

Escherichia coli under the microscope

Dear reader,

Imagine you just put a bacterial tonsillitis under control with antibiotics. Hopefully you are back on your feet. But the bacteria in your intestines could be in a bad shape now.  

Sofia Forslund and colleagues from the EMBL and other European research institutions looked into how long it takes for the germs to recover. After all, the intestinal microcosm, also known as the microbiome, is sensitive to disruptions. When thrown out of balance, there is a risk of infection, excess weight, and diabetes, as well as inflammatory and neurological diseases.

This is only one of the studies involving MDC scientists that have been published recently. After all, autumn is not only the time for infections such as colds, it also "rains" scientific publications. You can read a selection – and the first part of our series "We at the MDC" – in this issue of Insights.

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