Newsletter: 07/2020: Deep Learning, fighting pain, strengthening the immune system

Kathrin de la Rosa

Dear readers,

do you remember the "Ice Bucket Challenge"? Since then, a lot of people heard about the nerological disease ALS for the very first time. Finding therapies for this condition is still an enormous challenge. Mina Gouti and Nikolaus Rajewsky are now trying a new approach and this with the help of funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation. 

The youngest group leader at the MDC is also venturing into something completely new: Kathrin de la Rosa is an engineer of the immune system. She copies the most succesful tricks from nature so that we can be better protected against infectious diseases such as SARS-CoV-2 or HIV. Find out how she does this in our portrait.

The organizing team of the UHF-MR Symposium had to jump in at the deep end, facing unusual challenges this year. Participation in pandemic times seems even more attractive for many people. And these are just some of the research topics you can find in our newsletter.

We wish you an exciting read and check out our book recommendation.

Your MDC Insights Team