Newsletter: 10/2020: Kidney Puzzle, Ebb and Flow in the Brain, Reality TV

MDC researchers: biomedical research is not possible without animal experiments.

Dear readers,

It is sometimes difficult to imagine just where findings made by our scientists at the MDC might eventually lead. That is what basic research is all about: there is not always an immediate utilization, a direct application. It digs deeper. But let there be no doubt: we are always seeking to build bridges to clinical practice. We are determined to ensure that our abstract knowledge is put to the benefit of patients as quickly as possible in the form of new therapy options or new medication. 

This newsletter provides an overview of the range of diseases we are focusing on. One team led by Thoralf Niendorf is, for instance, investigating the brain ventricles of MS patients, while single cell biologists led by Kai Schmitt-Ott and Nikolaus Rajewsky are exploring how the function of one kidney cell type varies according to its location. Meanwhile, the team around Oliver Daumke is analyzing proteins that play a role in cancer.

Have we peaked your interest? Would you like to know more about how we work? During Berlin Science Week, the MDC presented a variety of virtual events and carried out an unusual experiment by turning two biomedical research labs into a reality TV set.

Transparency is our goal. We have therefore given our scientists the opportunity to explain why they believe that medical research is still not viable without animal experiments. They also talk about some of the alternatives we use.

We wish you a stimulating read.

Your MDC-Insights Team