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The Max Delbrück Center encourages it's alumni to connect, network, engage and collaborate with current staff and project partners.

MDC Connect is an exclusive online networking platform for MDC staff, alumni and project partners. It is a space where you can connect, network, engage and collaborate with the global community of current and former MDC staff:

  • Connect with current and past MDC staff from around the world

  • Network with like-minded thinkers, practitioners and professionals

  • Engage with current and past MDC staff to discover and support their work

  • Collaborate on initiatives to build cross-cultural understanding


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Our strategy is an integral part of a broader MDC Connect Concept.

The MDC Alumni concept started in 2012 when the Center became one of the institutes that was selected by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for expand our Alumni projects (Programm zur Förderung von Forscher-Alumni-Aktivitäten an Universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen in Deutschland). Over the years this concept has evolved to the current status of MDC Scientific Alumni. In autumn 2020 we launched the MDC Connectwhere current and past alumni MDC staff can connect directly.

MDC Connect envisages the establishment and support of an active professional scientific network functioning in close cooperation with the Society of Friends of the MDC, and whose activities are centered on the following strategic areas of activity:

  • Scientific cooperation
  • Career development (workshops, lectures, seminars)
  • PR and recruitment
  • Campus activities
  • Alumni Meetings

MDC Career Days and Career Pathway Series

In addition to fruitful scientific interactions, MDC alumni regularly contribute to the career development and community engagement activities at the MDC:

Society of Friends of the MDC

The Society of Friends of the MDC counts on many active alumni members, who support scientific seminar series, PhD prizes, the best scientific image contest during the Long Night of Sciences, and promote various sports activities, art and cultural events on the Campus Berlin-Buch, such as “Cinema under the Campus Sky” series, music concerts and much more.


Alumni Worldwide​

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After their years at the MDC many of our Alumni are now doing research at the most prestigious institutions all over the world, both in academia and industry, or they have moved to related fields such as scientific publishing, law, or philanthropy.

Here we want to present some of the stories from a selection of our international alumni.


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