Career Track Program

The ASPIRE (Advanced Science career development Program for Innovation and REsearch) program supports the career development of postdocs at the MDC. ASPIRE will help researchers to complement their skills and gain additional qualifications to prepare them for their future careers, both in and outside academia.

ASPIRE is a tailor-made career track program for those who have a clear career goal in three main areas:

  1. Academic Leadership
  2. Entrepreneurship and Industry
  3. Science Management and Science Communication

ASPIRE will offer additional structured training and career development measures (mentoring and networking elements) to up to 12 researchers per track each year, starting in Summer 2019. For more information, please visit the Intranet*.

Academic Leadership

The Academic Leadership track is designed for those postdoctoral researchers interested in pursuing a career in higher education and/or other scientific institutions. It comprises training on leadership, setting up your own lab, communicating science, how to obtain funding and optional basic training for teaching.

Entrepreneurship and Industry

The Entrepreneurship and Industry track is two tracks in one. The participants of the Entrepreneurship sub-track will have the opportunity to develop a novel business idea from scratch and learn the basics of innovation, design thinking and business development.

The Industry and R&D sub-track includes training in regulatory and medical affairs, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance and other topics related to the biotech and pharma industry.

Science Management and Science Communication

In the Science Management sub-track you will learn the fundamentals of science policy, data management and organization of research in higher education institutions. The track will allow you to participate in different projects across different departments of the MDC. 

Those interested in the Science Communication sub-track will learn the fundamentals of public engagement, visual communication, social media and writing for the web. The participants will be encouraged to engage in various outreach events.

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