circBase: a database for circular RNAs


  • P. Glažar
  • P. Papavasileiou
  • N. Rajewsky


  • RNA


  • RNA 20 (11): 1666-1670


  • Recently, several laboratories have reported thousands of circular RNAs (circRNAs) in animals. Numerous circRNAs are highly stable and have specific spatiotemporal expression patterns. Even though a function for circRNAs is unknown, these features make circRNAs an interesting class of RNAs as possible biomarkers and for further research. We developed a database and website, "circBase," where merged and unified data sets of circRNAs and the evidence supporting their expression can be accessed, downloaded, and browsed within the genomic context. circBase also provides scripts to identify known and novel circRNAs in sequencing data. The database is freely accessible through the web server at