Complement activation induces excessive T cell cytotoxicity in severe COVID-19


  • P. Georg
  • R. Astaburuaga-García
  • L. Bonaguro
  • S. Brumhard
  • L. Michalick
  • L.J. Lippert
  • T. Kostevc
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  • M. Streitz
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  • C. Meisel
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  • A.C. Aschenbrenner
  • C. Thibeault
  • F. Kurth
  • L.E. Sander
  • N. Blüthgen
  • B. Sawitzki


  • Cell


  • Cell 185 (3): 493-512


  • Severe COVID-19 is linked to both dysfunctional immune response and unrestrained immunopathology, and it remains unclear whether T cells contribute to disease pathology. Here, we combined single-cell transcriptomics and single-cell proteomics with mechanistic studies to assess pathogenic T cell functions and inducing signals. We identified highly activated, CD16(+) T cells with increased cytotoxic functions in severe COVID-19. CD16 expression enabled immune complex-mediated, T cell receptor-independent degranulation and cytotoxicity not found in other diseases. CD16(+) T cells from COVID-19 patients promoted microvascular endothelial cell injury and release of neutrophil and monocyte chemoattractants. CD16(+) T cell clones persisted beyond acute disease maintaining their cytotoxic phenotype. Increased generation of C3a in severe COVID-19 induced activated CD16(+) cytotoxic T cells. Proportions of activated CD16(+) T cells and plasma levels of complement proteins upstream of C3a were associated with fatal outcome of COVID-19, supporting a pathological role of exacerbated cytotoxicity and complement activation in COVID-19.