SORLA/SORL1, a neuronal sorting receptor implicated in Alzheimer's disease


  • T.E. Willnow
  • A.S. Carlo
  • M. Rohe
  • V. Schmidt


  • Reviews in the Neurosciences


  • Rev Neurosci 21 (4): 315-329


  • The proteolytic breakdown of the amyloid precursor protein (APP) to neurotoxic amyloid-beta peptides in the brain has been recognized as a major pathological pathway in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Yet, the factors that control the processing of APP and their potential contribution to the common sporadic form of AD remain poorly understood. Here, we review recent findings from studies in patients and in animal models that led to the identification of a unique sorting receptor for APP in neurons, designated SORLA/SORL1, that emerges as a key player in amyloidogenic processing and as major genetic risk factor for AD.