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Quantitative Developmental Biology


Understanding principles of development and regeneration on the single-cell level

Division of labor between specialized cell types is a principle of multicellular life. We study mechanisms of cell fate decisions in health and disease. To do so, we develop and use methods in single-cell genomics, including strategies for massively parallel lineage analysis, single cell RNA labeling, and spatially-resolved transcriptomics.

Our projects typically combine experimental and theoretical approaches We use these methods to investigate processes in embryonic development and to understand adult tissue regeneration in the zebrafish, an organism that has the ability to efficiently regenerate many organs that in humans have only limited regenerative capacity. In collaborations we strive to apply our methods also to other systems, including organoids and human patient samples.

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Prof. Dr. Jan Philipp Junker
Dr. Jan Philipp Junker
Group Leader
Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz-Association
Berlin-Mitte (BIMSB)
Hannoversche Str. 28
10115 Berlin, Germany
Building 101, Room 2.81
(030) 9406 1860
Regina Philipp
(030) 9406 1770
MDC Berlin-Mitte (BIMSB): Building 101, Room 1.02

Jan Philipp Junker is a DZHK Principal Investigator 


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