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June 2016

Ulrike Stein is elected to MRS Board
MDC group leader and SignGene faculty member Ulrike Stein has been elected to the Board of the Metastasis Research Society (MRS).For more information, please click here.


May 2016

Nir Friedman receives Humboldt Research Award
Israeli systems biologist, bioinformatician and SignGene faculty member Nir Friedman of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) is one of this year’s recipients of the prestigious Humboldt Research Award. For more information click here.

June 2015

Yehudit Bergman visits the MDC
Yehudit Bergman, SignGene faculty from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, visited the MDC from June 17-18 to receive the click here or here!



May 2015

New PhD Representatives
SignGene students have elected Dhana Friedrich (Loewer Lab, MDC), Inbal Ipenberg (Scheidereit Lab, MDC), and Simon Prisner (Herrmann Lab, HU Berlin) as new PhD Student Representatives. Congratulations to Dhana, Inbal, and Simon!



April 2015

MDC Insights Feature on SignGene
Undine Hill, graduate student in Achim Leutz' lab wrote a short article about the SignGene program for the MDC Insights news platform - to learn more, please check out the MDC Insights web page.



February 2015

SignGene Retreat 2015
The 2015 SignGene Retreat took place at the Hotel Yehuda, Jerusalem, Israel, from Feb 15 - 18. Around 50 scientists and students participated in scientific discussions and a program on the workshop. For more information, please refer to the
New SignGene Students and Faculty
Following the SignGene retreat, three new students have been admitted to the program: Alon Appleboim from Nir Friedman's lab at the HUJI and Nagarjuna Reddy Pamudurti from Sebastian Kadener's lab at the HUJI have joined the program with Nikolaus Rajewsky at the MDC as their co-mentor, Yana Rozevsky from Amit Meller's lab at the Technion will conduct her dissertation in collaboration with Ulrike Stein at the MDC. Welcome to the program!
With the admission of their students, we welcome Sebastian Kadener and Ulrike Stein as new faculty to our program!



September 2014

SignGene Symposium 2014
The SignGene Symposium "Quantitative Approaches in Cell Biology - Biophysics, Bioengineering, and Systems Biology" took place at the MDC on Aug 31 - Sep 2. Around 70 participant attended the meeting, more information can be found on the symposium website.
New SignGene Students
Dhana Friedrich from Alexander Loewer's Lab at the MDC and Waleed Minzel from Yinon Ben-Neriah's lab at Hebrew University of Jerusalem have joined SignGene this month. Dhana Friedrich will work in collaboration with Amit Meller's lab at the Technion, while Waleed Minzel cooperates with Clemens Schmitt's lab at the Charité.
Special Seminar by Sebastian Kadener
Sebastian Kadener from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem visited the MDC to give a talk entitled "Linear splicing efficiency and trans-acting factors determine the production rate of circRNAs". The special lunchtime seminar on Sep 18 was hosted by Nikolaus Rajewsky and sponsored by SignGene.


August 2014

Special Seminar by Amir Orian
Amir Orian from the Technion will visit the MDC and give a seminar entitled "Identification of a genetic network that maintains the differentiated identity and tissue homeostasis" in the Lunchtime Seminar Series. The seminar will take place in Axon 2 (MDC.C), 1-2pm on Thursday, August 28.


May 2014

New SignGene Students
Two new students have joined SignGene this month: Christian Lips has started his PhD in the lab of Thomas Sommer at the MDC and will work on a collaboration project with Michael Glickman & Aaron Ciechanover at the Techion; Simon Prisner has joined Andreas Herrman's lab at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin to do his PhD on a collaboration project co-mentored by Amit Meller at the Technion - IIT in Haifa. Welcome Christian and Simon!


March 2014

Proteomics Course at Technion
SignGene Faculty Gunnar Dittmar will give a course entitled "Introduction to Proteomics" at the Faculty of Biology, Technion. The 2-day course will start on March 4 and Technion students will receive credit points for attendance. Please contact to learn more.



January/February 2014

Rappaport Prize for Yaakov Nahmias
SignGene Faculty Yaakov (Koby) Nahmias has been awarded this year's Rappaport Prize for Excellence in Biomedical Research for identifying a grapefruit molecule that can block viruses. Congratulations! For more info, please click here…
1st SignGene Winter School and PhD Retreat


The first SignGene Winter School dedicated to the topic "Biology of Differentiation and Cancer" took place at the Technion in Haifa from Jan 27-29, 2014. With a number of high-profile speakers and selected graduate students and postdocs, lively discussions and scientific interactions made this even a real success. While counting around 140 attendants of the Open Day on Jan 27, about 70 young scientists and experienced experts participated in the second and third days of the meeting.


Following the winter school, SignGene students convened at Karei Deshe to discuss their research with their peers. Two special invited speakers, Sebastian Kadener from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Eti Klinger from Proteologics, enriched the program and inspired vivid exchange.



December 2013

MDC Graduation Ceremony
The MDC Graduation Ceremony for the year 2013 will take place in Axon 2 (MDC.C) at 15:00 on Friday, December 6. Uri Alon from the Weizmann Institute of Sciences in Israel will be our special guest. All are most welcome to attend!


November 2013

New SignGene Student
Naama Flint Brodsly from Amir Orian's lab at the Techion has joined the SignGene Program. Her thesis project will be conducted in collaboration with Walter Birchmeier's lab at the MDC. Welcome!


September 2013

Juliane Brümmer wins Poster Prize
At the joint MDC-FMP PhD Retreat "Sciensation", which took place near Berlin from August 29-31, 2013, Juliane Brümmer from the Rocks Lab at the MDC has won the 2nd Poster Prize.



July 2013

Yael Mandel-Gutfreund from the Technion visits the MDC July 18

During her visit, Yael will give a talk entitled "Identifying Protein Recognition Elements on RNA by Combining Sequence and Structural Information". The seminar will take place in Dendrit II/III, from 13:00 - 14:00.

June 2013

Yehudit Bergman wins Helmholtz International Fellow Award

June 10: Prof. Yehudit Bergman from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has received the Helmholtz International Fellow Award, which has been established last year by the Helmholtz Association with the goal to strengthen scientific co-operations with the world's best researchers. Helmholtz Fellows are invited to spend time at one or more Helmholtz Research Centers and to participate in unique activities of the Helmholtz Association, such as the Helmholtz Management Academy and mentoring programs. More...
SignGene student Juliane Bruemmer wins Best Scientific Images Contest
Out of the 81 total images submitted to this year's contest, 24 were exhibited at the Long Night of the Sciences on June 08. Visitors of the exhibition voted and Juliane Bruemmer's image won the first place - congratulations! To see the winning image, please click here...

May 2013

New paper by the Sommer, Glickman and Ciechanover Labs

A new study by Katrin Bagola from Thomas Sommer's lab at the MDC has been published in the latest issue of Molecular Cell. In a collaboration with the Glickman and Ciechanover Labs at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, as well as Gunnar Dittmar at the MDC, Katrin and Thomas have shed new light on how the ubiquitin-binding domain of the protein Cue1 regulates protein degradation by the ER-Associated protein Degradation (ERAD) pathway. Read more...


Batsheva Kerem visits the MDC

SignGene faculty member Batsheva Kerem from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will visit the MDC on May 14. She will present her research on "The molecular basis for chromosomal instability in early stages of cancer development" in Axon 2 (MDC.C) at 12:30. Please check out the MDC event database for further details.



April 2013

New SignGene Students

Dámaris Anell Rendon (Schmitt Lab, Charité), Inbal Ipenberg (Scheidereit Lab, MDC), and Shari Orlanski (Bergman Lab, HUJI) have joined SignGene on April 17. Welcome!


New SignGene Faculty Members

Welcome Gunnar Dittmar and Stefan Kempa (both MDC), who have been assigned new faculty members of the SignGene program as of April 9!



March 2013

Talk: National Center of Personalized Medicine - A New Weizman Institute Initiative

Dr. Berta Strulovici, Director fo the new Israel Institute of Personalized Medicine will visit the MDC to present the new initiative on March 14. Her talk will take place in Axon II, at 4:30 - 5:30pm.

January 2013

SignGene member Professor Michael Glickman to receive Bessel Research Award

Michael Glickman has been awarded the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) for his research on the ubiquitin-proteasome system. Please follow this link for more information.