Die Rolle der Hyper- und Hypohydrogenämie im klinischen Alltag - Warum pH? [The role of hyperhydrogenemia and hypohydrogenemia in the clinical setting - Why pH?]


  • S. Elitok
  • F.C. Luft


  • Nephrologie


  • Nephrologie 17: 339-353


  • Interpretation of the acid-base status requires knowledge of a few basics and the ability to use some tools. The aim of this review is to provide the necessary information about the hydrogen-ion concentration and buffer systems. This should enable the primary acid-base disturbance to be identified and to determine whether it is a simple or combined disturbance. The most important tools are the knowledge of the appropriate compensation and comparison with the measured values. The calculation of the anion gaps should help to find the causes of the acid-base disturbance.