PDA 2019

PostDoc Association

The MDC PostDoc Association is a volunteer organisation aiming to promote networking and scientific exchange between the local postdoctoral scientists.

We advocate for all MDC postdocs and promote engagement in all aspects of postdoctoral affairs. The PDA is the governing body for the MDC postdocs. The MDC PDA was established to provide MDC postdocs with opportunities for involvement, career development, networking, and advocacy. MDC PDA members actively shape activities for postdocs at the MDC in conjunction with the Postdoc Office and the Career & Training Committee, and provide feedback to the Postdoc Office on the needs of the postdoc community.

Informal events provide an excellent platform for interaction between postdoctoral scientists from different labs, increasing awareness of the range of research themes and technology platforms available on campus and stimulating new ideas and collaborative projects. For this the PostDoc Association organizes an annual PostDoc Day and regular Networking Lunch Seminars.

Send a message to: pda@mdc-berlin.de