female scientist working at a microscope

Labs & Platforms A-Z


The scientists in our research groups and technology platforms collaborate in interdisciplinary teams. They pioneer innovative scientific approaches and either utilize or develop state-of-the-art technologies. Together, their focus is on exploring the functioning of the human body in both health and disease.


Our labs deal with fundamental questions of health and disease, while at the same time focusing on small details – such as the intricate workings of an ion channel or a receptor. Exploring these molecular mechanisms and translating the findings as quickly as possible into medical applications is our mission.


Technology platforms at the Max Delbrück Center support established and front-end application of technologies, provide instrumentation and methodologies and are engaged in collaborative research projects and technology developments.


As a common structure established by the Max Delbrück Center and the Charité Medical Faculty in Berlin, the Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC) integrates a critical mass of committed clinician/scientists and translational researchers in a research-driven environment.